Force 5 Marine Survey Report Software



What is SmartNotes and why how will it help me in Force5 report production ?

F5 SmartNotes is a companion application to Force5.

SmartNotes is an Android application that will allow you to transfer Force5 templates or Surveys to an Android device, phone, Chrome Book or tablet and enter data while on the vessel surveying. Then you transfer that data from the i5 cloud back to the Force5 application where you can complete, the survey report proof read add photos do you summary valuation, in a much reduced time overall.

Time is saved by the fact you don’t transcribe information from paper notes back into Force5 you quickly enter data using the familiar Force5 format that you are used to, yes use your own custom templates and Item choices, enter it on the tablet during the survey and send it back your Force5 where you can complete it in the comfort of your office. 

Here is a short overview video of the procedure you can view on You Tube, or in Force5 in the SmartNotes sub menu of “Tools” > SmartNotes> “SmartNotes Overview


 “I do love my SmartNotes now, it has saved me many hours of time.  I have shaved an average of 2 hours a night in typing my report and it is getting better every day.  Took a while to get used to it, I started out on small outboard center consoles before I started using if for the big stuff.   Use it every day now and love it. Would say I have surveyed 50 boats now with it.”  - SAMS AMS Surveyor