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New Features in 85D (NEW!)

Force 5 Tablet Mode Video (NEW!)

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Force5 Smart Notes 

New Survey & Surveyor's Notes

(Getting Started #1)

Add Photos and Auto Resize

(Getting Started #3)

Captions Under Photos

Add Photos to Headings In Systems

(Getting Started #4)

Search Headings and Sections

(Getting Started #6)

Thru-Hull Section and Diagrams

Name Under Signature Line

Add Scanned Signature File

Add a Table to Any Blank Heading

Converting Surveys to Templates

Hide / Rename Sections and Reorder Items

Backup All and Restore All

Backup Survey Files

(Getting Started #5)

Restoring Survey Files

Print Preview Overview

(Getting Started #8)

Open Existing Survey File

(Getting Started #2)

Insert Findings & Recommendations

(Getting Started #7)