Hardware Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows capable mobile device, notebook or desktop PC. 
  • At least 25mb of free hard drive space.
  • Follow recommended memory and processor requirements for the version of Windows that you are using.
  • We recommend that you purchase a printer certified for your version of Windows.  There have been many issues with legacy printers and other peripherals not working with 64-bit versions of Windows.  Ask questions, and research before you buy.
  • We also recommend that you purchase an external backup device (flash drive or external hard drive) for purposes of backing up your data.  This is not only effective for the safekeeping of your Force5 data, but all other data as well.  You should back up and verify your system to an external device as often as you generate data you're not willing to risk losing.
  • You should have at least a general knowledge of basic Windows conventions and mouse operations for a successful migration to generating your survey reports with Force5.